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Scholarly Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Development SKILD at WSU


SKILD at WSU is a paid, part-time internship program for WSU seniors, graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars in any discipline. Participants will emerge with basic knowledge and baseline experience in the evaluation of a technical opportunity from a business perspective.

The program is focused on identification and development of research at WSU to build connectivity to real-world market applications. It pairs the innovation with the translational thinking and advancement efforts needed to realize the value embedded in the innovation. It offers a route for non-business students to apply their disciplinary skills within a business setting and provides real-world experience in new business development.

SKILD serves students by providing concrete, résumé-building illustrations of their cross-disciplinary skills while illustrating the societal potential embedded within scholarly activities at WSU. The program also serves faculty by providing resources to explore the potential for external applications of their research. The program does not serve to supplant formal curricular training in business and does not aim to train students in the formalisms of building a business plan: It’s specifically tailored to provide a conduit for advanced disciplinary experts to build the core business competencies needed in today’s job market.

SKILD at WSU empowers the next generation of local and global leaders
to develop the critical skills necessary to integrate innovation and application.

Starting with WSU research products, SKILD interns work in teams to review research activities at the school and define targets for development. Once defined, the teams will design strategies to translate WSU research into products and services to positively impact our state, nation, and world. SKILD seeks to minimize investment of faculty time and maximize the return on the public’s investment. Students will need the expressed support of a faculty advisor to participate, and their pay can be used to either augment or offset the student/post-doc’s teaching or research appointment.

Learn more by exploring this website and/or by contacting Brian Kraft, director, at or 509-335-3959.