Excerpts from NSF Statistics:

“By far the largest employer of scientists and engineers (individuals with an S&E degree or employed in an S&E occupation) is the business sector (70%), followed by the education sector (19%) and the government sector (11%). Within the business sector, for-profit businesses employ the largest number of scientists and engineers.”

“Scientists and engineers with S&E doctorates are more evenly distributed between the business sector (46%) and the education sector (45%). Within the education sector, over 90% are found in 4-year academic institutions, including those in postdoctoral and other temporary positions.”

“Small firms are important employers of those with S&E highest degrees (individuals who attained their highest level of degree in an S&E field of study). Firms with fewer than 100 persons employ 37% of such individuals in the business sector.”

Graduate education is great at developing your research skills and laboratory technique, but most of you will also need to learn about intellectual property, project management, market identification and technology development.